1:1 Embodiment Mentorship

I am here to help you unlock your Personal Power.
To clear the channel to your instinct and intuition so that you can lead yourself to edges of peak performance and beyond.
Invest in yourself and you raise your energetic frequency; the world opens up with possibility.
I work with Space Holders of all kinds, coaches, therapists, energy workers, counselors, nurses, educators, and intergenerational trauma cycle breakers.

This is for you if you need guidance around:
✦Turning Off Survival Mode
✦ Unburdening Wounded Younger Parts
✦ Leading YourSelf With Courage In Relationships
✦ Having Effective Business Communication
✦ Increasing Emotional Intelligence

Humans who complete the 1:1 Embodiment Mentorship Container with me, can expect

Clearing limiting beliefs

Healing old attachment wounds

Reconnecting to Personal Power

Feeling more alive than ever before while also feeling the most ease and comfort ever

Developing a sense of purpose and meaning for your life

What this includes:

2 90-minute Breakthrough Sessions a Month
A Monday Message with Channeled Awakening Insight
Voxer Messaging in between sessions
All Access Masterclass Pass
Duration Length 12 weeks

Investment: $10,000 pay in full, or monthly $3500
To apply, send your responses to these prompts/questions to me via Instagram DMs.
What is your first and last name? And email address?
Describe your bigger vision you have for your life.
What coaching/mentorship have you received in the past? What felt like a fit and what didn’t quite land?
What about working with me empowers you the most? Why do you feel we’d be a good fit for 1:1?
In 5 words, describe what the next evolution of your life feels like.
Do you have any specific questions for me?